Introducing Employee Access: Now Everyone Gets Analytics, Insights, and Recommendations. |

What Our Users Have Been Asking For:

The executives and managers that we’ve been working with absolutely love the comprehensive insights and actionable recommendations the platform provides them. There’s nothing like discovering an insight you had no idea existed, or optimizing processes to alleviate a bottleneck-but one of the most common requests we’ve gotten is…, “I want everyone in my company to be able to see their accomplishments, understand trends in productivity, and get guidance on how to best optimize their own day-to-day.”

Where We’ve Ended Up:

Today, we’re excited to announce that Peoplelogic users can now give each member of their respective teams access to Peoplelogic. Within the platform, employees will now be able to view their StayFactor score, input their skills, receive predictive personality insights, and get analytics around activity, performance, and productivity.



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