Getting Clear on Setting Expectations |

  • 50% of employees strongly agree they know what’s expected of them at work
  • 12% of employees strongly agree their manager helps them set work priorities

Setting Expectations-Clarity

  • What is the goal/objective/expected outcome?
  • Why is this goal/objective/outcome important?
  • Who is responsible/accountable for the goal/objective/outcome?
  • When does the goal/objective/outcome need to be achieved?

Setting Expectations-Communication

  • Midstream — A midstream check-in is a great opportunity for more positive and constructive feedback. This is also an opportunity for your team/team members to ask questions as they get further into the work and uncover things on which they may need some additional guidance.
  • Completion and Debrief — Taking time to discuss the final product, debrief the process, and give feedback is valuable as you learn and adapt your approach as a manager and delegator. This is also hugely valuable for the team/team member as an opportunity to learn, grow, and receive coaching from you.

Setting Expectations-Consistency

Setting Expectations-Commitment



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